“I’ve been playing rock music since I was very young, but if you’re born in rural Canada you can’t help but listen to country music.” This is Dan Davidson, singer/songwriter who played at the Voghera Country Festival last night. Born as a rock artist, Dan gradually embarked on a musical path that led him to his current sound, a mix of country and rock, where the mid-tempo and captivating sound of country music is lashed by the energy of the electric guitars, the rhythm of the bass and the beat of the drums. He is certainly not a new-traditional nor an interpreter of Texas Red Dirt Music (even though he loves Texas music very much) but a modern artist who fits into that musical trend that is currently the most popular and which dominates American radio stations. On stage he is undoubtedly good and prepared. Like many overseas artists, he has a perfect voice, even live, a truly remarkable ability that embraces the audience and, like many overseas artists who perform in Europe, he has opted for a set list enriched by some covers. This made last night’s concert particularly appreciated by the audience present who perhaps do not know Dan Davidson’s original songs so well but, who certainly love the super well-known songs. Whoever was in Voghera last night certainly attended a great concert, one of those concerts that are rarely seen in these parts, which boosts you up with good music.