TateStevensWinner of the second edition of X factor America, Tate Stevens is not a new name to country music lovers. His debut album actually goes back to 1996 when, with a group of five friends he formed a group called the Dixie Cadillacs and published the disc under the same name.The CD, produced by themselves with great passion, but with very little means, was not really very successful but there again, the way was paved for the future. Born in Belton (MO), Tate has really come a long way and thanks to the mega Tv success, in April this year, he published his very first solo album, simply called, Tate Stevens. Produced by RCA Nashville, the album went straight in at number 18 in the Billboard 200, but then slowly slowly started losing positions. A shame really, because Tate has a really good voice,(we’ve all heard it), a tenacity which can only be admired, and the production by Blake Chancey (famous son and producer of artists such as The Dixie Chicks and Billy Ray Cyrus) is very well done. Even the 11 songs aren’t bad, and, starting with the track “Power of a Love Song” written by Jeremy Bussey, Bradley Gaskin (already with Travis Tritt) and Markus Franklin, still continue to remain in the Top 10 of many American radio stations.

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