North Carolinian act Diamonds & Whiskey have been a band to watch for quite a while now and continue to go from strength to strength thanks especially to the creative powerhouse that is frontwoman Jennifer Webb who has surprised and delighted listeners across the globe. This time around our blonde haired enchantress offers a spellbinding and mesmerizing new single which will act as an opener to Diamonds & Whiskey new full length offering. Just like its title, this song is incredibly haunting and catchy, with Jennifer’s voice acting as a sultry narrator guiding through us through four minutes of pure devilish ecstasy. The story of the ultimate temptress is told with a suggestive rhythm and an intoxicating melody worthy of the most seductive of perfumes with our Carolinian crooner acting as sorceress supreme. Fabulous vocals, incredibly memorable riffs and an outstanding production, make this a song you won’t be forgetting in a hurry and will leave you wanting and begging for more from Jennifer and her rocking crew of spellcasters! Something magically musical this way comes. ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)