Straight from the sun tanned beaches of Florida comes one of country music’s most irreverent and fun bands to grace the scene in a long time. With this latest offering “Bits And Pieces” our dynamic duo made up of William Lake and Bill Crouch gives something new and fresh yet exceedingly loyal to the traditional style of country music. The songs featured on this album offer up many themes from ones of protest and defense of the hard working man(Weekend Angel and Bit’s And Piece’s) to your familiar melancholy numbers like “Tell Me A Lie” and “When The Bottle Calls Your Name”,  all executed with finesse and a sense of realism that you cannot but think that these folks have been there, done it and got multiple t-shirts for it. A harken back to the past but with the vim and vigor of the present. Many may feel that this is how today’s country should be, more rustic and rugged than its more polished, gum chewing younger cousin and for all those looking for just that spirit, this is the album for you! So grab your copy of “Bits And Pieces” today, pour yourself a refreshing beverage and embrace your geezerdom!!! ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)