Blanco Brown has a reason to sing with the release of ‘Snapshot’, out today, which serves as the first preview of his EP Cedar Walls & Whiskey releasing on June 14. ‘Snapshot’, written by the iconic Diane Warren and produced by Blanco Brown, is a poignant reflection on the special memories we keep of our loved ones. These memories bring us back to cherished moments in our lives and provide motivation and hope when needed. 

Blanco is celebrating a second chance at life and a newfound appreciation for everything he does. After the unprecedented chart topping viral success of ‘The Git Up’, which achieved 11x Platinum status and garnered over one billion streams, Blanco was on the cusp of realising his dreams. But in an instant, a drunk driver changed everything for him. The drunk driver hit Blanco head on while riding his motorcycle. Brown broke multiple bones in his body, required 12 blood transfusions and needed to be resuscitated in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. Despite the lengthy and challenging rehabilitation process, Blanco made a full recovery, relearning fundamental skills like walking and holding a microphone.

Blanco is dedicated to raising awareness against drunk driving as well as the recent increase in accidents caused by impaired drivers. He remarked, “It’s hard for me to understand why with all the education and knowledge we have acquired and the options for ride share companies, how we have numbers on the rise. I am aligning with charities against drunk driving to help spread the word and continue educating the public. Nobody cares how much you drink or smoke, just don’t drive for the sake of yourself and others.”