After a period of silence, Uncle Ryano is back and ready to unleash his latest album unto the world and the result is “Voices In My Head”. 12 songs which very much sum up the genres which are near and dear to our beloved uncle, from Southern Rock to Country, to Blues and Americana, you will wonder how you could have done without him and his music. The album kicks off with “Sexy-Freak-A-Licious” a raunchy and rugged ditty which will immediately cast you off to smoky bars, pool halls and dangerously attractive women. From there our hero provides some true foot tapping finger snapping tunes that will have you rocking out like nobody’s business, case in point “My Mama’s People” and “Hell Yeah Hallelujah” are instant bar room classics. Ryano is also not afraid to show his softer side and those looking for a good ole ballad will be emotionally tearing up in their beers with a triphecta that is “Amazed By Your Heart” , “My Jordan” and especially “Song About Us” where the very original combo of bagpipes and Ryano’s whiskey tinged Southern drawl will have you swaying and singing along while enjoying your favorite adult beverage. Rarely does this author come across an all killer no filler opus but this is one of those exceptional times, Uncle Ryano is back and we could not be happier! ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)