“It’s a great honour for me to be here and play for the heroes of our nation.” With these sincere and beautiful words, Trace Adkins greeted the crowd at the concert, which was held on Thursday May 11th at Camp Ederle in Vicenza, an extra date added to the USO tour that, in addition to the date in the city of the Palladio, also includes a stop at Aviano and Sigonella. Organized impeccably as always, the gig, originally scheduled outdoors, was instead, held indoors due to the uncertain weather conditions, but that did not penalize too much the show’s sound quality. A successful show thanks to an Adkins in discreet shape and, of course, very focused. Exactly at 18:00, the singer from Sarepta, LA, started with “Songs About Me” ( taken from the 2005 album with the same name), the most appropriate song to start a concert, seeing the atmosphere and the location. Then, “Chrome”, the 2001 song, which marked a turning point (not too long, luckily enough) for the extensive use of synthesizers. Then “Something’s Going On” (the first of two songs from the new Cd), “Just Fishin’” (from “Proud To Be Here”), “Big Time”, and “Hot Mama”. Backed by a band with bass, drums, two guitars, keyboards, steel guitar and a talented backing vocalist, there was also time for a cover; the beautiful “Every Time You Go Away”, a song written by Daryl Hall and John Oates, but brought to success in 1985 by Paul Young. Tall, physically powerful and very deep voice, Trace is really someone. Someone who also managed to18447889_10211312243435023_1395496975_n leave behind difficult times, which life itself often throws your way, and who now, at 55, is living a second youth. After “Every Time You Go Away”, “Ladies Love Country Boys”, taken from “Dangerous Man” from 2006 and the inevitable “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”. Called back on stage following endless cries of “one more song”, from a very satisfied audience, Trace is back on stage with “Missing You”, and finally, as everyone expected, “Still A Soldier”, the second track from the last Cd “Someting’s Going On”, a song that literally brought the house down. A virtually perfect performance, which lasted an hour and a half, which as always leaves us asking ourselves, “How do the American singers and musicians get to be so good even during their live performances?”. As usual, after the show, the usual ceremony of signing autographs, photos and especially selfies, (after all it is 2017 and it’s the latest thing) with those present who stood patiently in line waiting their turn. An evening of great music, in a wonderfully relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. (Gianluca Sitta)