Texas, not only the biggest state in the continental United States, but also one of the biggest contributors to the country music genre. From Jim Reeves to George Jones, Barbara Mandrell to Miranda Lambert, the lonestar state has brought many a heavy hitting artist to the scene when it comes to both traditional and modern country. So we come to another son of this historical place, Burleson boy Todd Barrow and his latest opera magna : Texas Country Nation. True to his roots, Todd straddles the line between the two styles with down home classic country songs “”The House That Love Built”  to raunchy rocking anthems like “In The Dirt” and “Barcode” while also showing a true Texan spiritual side in memorable numbers such as “Gold Cross & Jesus”. Rough and rowdy, ripe in soul and always ready for a good time but never forgetting about what truly matters ; “Texas Country Nation” could be likened to a good Texan meal, spicy and flavourful, rich in natural ingredients with a sweet satisfying finish. Ya’ll get some while it’s hot! (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)