Testo in Italiano

Scheduled for release in mid-September, “Heaven Sundown Town” is a sort of collection of all those sounds that have characterized the music of Mr. McGraw. This is not a collection of greatest hits, all 13 songs on the CD are in fact new and unpublished, but a series of songs that go from the more pronounced country sounds of the early albums, to those more refined and sophisticated sounds, typical of past productions from the Louisiana born singer. Produced by Byron Gillimore, along with McGraw, “Heaven Sundown Town” relies on the participation of Catherine Dunn (Diamonds Rings and Old Barstools) and of course that of Faith Hill, with whom he duets with in “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s”. In addition to the two songs mentioned above “City Lights”, “Shotgun Rider”, “Keep on Truckin’”and “Looking For That Girl”,which has been chosen as the launch single for the entire project, also deserve a special mention. There is also a deluxe version of “Sundown Town Heaven” which contains 5 extra tracks: “Kids Today”, “The View”, “I’m Feelin’ You”, “Black Jacket “ and “Lincoln Continentals and Cadillacs” sung together with Kid Rock (Gianluca Sitta)