13895408_1756098287993673_4623143020253782454_nColorado over the years has given us so much great music, referring only to the sounds linked to the roots, from musicians born in the State of the Rocky Mountains, to those who have sought inspiration there, Hot Rize and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to name just two among the most famous in their respective fields, bluegrass and country rock. There is also a good tradition of song writers stretching from Denver to Boulder since the sixties, and Thomas Hine, from the town of Golden, fits perfectly into this category. Thomas Hine’s fifth album, following a three year long pause since his last Cd, “Forgive My Future”, has received good reviews also in Europe thanks to a personal writing style, and his varied approach, starting from the roots, country and folk, but adding very interesting contemporary sounds. “Some Notion Or Novelty” is the result of a long (and not always easy) evolution and is surprisingly coherant and compact, a collection of songs with an occasional addition of psychedelic sensations, (a bit like the Donovan sound of the late sixties), that pleasant and enjoyable sound. Acoustic guitars (and also electric to catch that full-bodied sound), keyboards and vocal harmonies are the setting for a series of ballads, like “Before The Sun Rises”, “Just Like Juan Ortiz”, “Clodia-Songs”,”Monsters”,”Moffat” and “My Nature ” that serve as a backbone for this extremely mature and inspirational Cd. Dedicated to those in search of profound feelings intertwined between poetry and music. (Remo Ricaldone)