It’s been more than twenty years since Jean and Gary Prescott recorded an album together. The last real Cd recorded, dates way back to 1995 ( “Me And My Pard” ), and only now have they decided to repeat the experiment. The new Cd is entitled “Satisfied Hearts”, and is undoubtedly a great album, full of all those addictive emotions that typically characterizes the music of the great prairies. There are 15 tracks, almost all original, except for some songs, borrowed from some of the great songwriters such as Stan Rogers, Jeff Gore or Mark Brinkman. Music, along with many traditions, are still very important in many parts of the States, and, despite progress, which moves quickly forward, as long as there will be songs like “One True Friend”, “Angel’s Camp” (dedicated to Buck Ramsey) or “I Once Rode With The Best”, the West will continue doing what it does best and (unfortunately for some of us, only in our dreams) we can continue to ride good horses, drink a hot coffee around a campfire, as well as hear the wind whistling over an ocean of grass. Music, history and poetry entwine in this exciting “Satisfied Hearts”, painting a fresco dedicated to the image of the cowboy and the culture of the West. Therefore a special thanks goes to Jean & Gary because, with their music, the dreams of many people continue. As usual, perfect vocal harmonies. “With a few originals, some co-writes with good friends and a couple of great songs by great writers, we present to you Satisfied Hearts” (Gianluca Sitta)