First thing I thought ,when listening to the first notes of this band was something like: “Ok cool! She’s the new Taylor Swift!”…but…but I’ m used to listening to every song and every album from the beginning to the end. The most interesting thing about this album is the fact that it is a kind of “meltin’ pot” of country-sounds where every song has its own identity.There’s a powerful beginning with “Can’t Get Enough”, a song that could lead you to believe that this a country-blues album, but then Kate and her amazing voice takes us back to the college days with “Behind the Bleachers” and “Just Friends”. At the end of the EP we can find “Country Music”, a tribute to this kind of music that obviously means a lot for them and for us as well. The last song, “How Far” tells us something about the roots of these guys and confirms that they have a good sound, even when playing acoustic, too. I think that the strength of this band is the ability they have in mixing different types of country-sounds and I really hope that they can maintain this attitude in their next albums. (Matteo Ganassi)