Life constantly changes. It seesaws between hardship and triumph, loss and satisfaction, and heartbreak and love. No matter how much everything fluctuates, community flourishes at the center of existence. It binds and unites all of us. Music stitches together a strong community around The Ghost of Paul Revere. The Maine trio—Max Davis [vocals, banjo], Sean McCarthy [vocals, bass], and Griffin Sherry [vocals, guitar]—examine life’s ebbs and flows through a distinct and dynamic distillation of folk, bluegrass, rock, and alternative on their third full-length album, Good At Losing Everything. Over the past few years, we’ve collectively endured many significant changes,’ says Griffin. ‘When you’re writing music, it naturally morphs into what you’re doing. We were going through the same things without necessarily acknowledging it out loud, but the music writes itself along with life.’

‘We always just wanted to be strong community members who create an excuse for people to come together, process, and share emotions,’ agrees Max. ‘Those individuals who have supported us are growing all of the time. Our audience has given us a degree of freedom to grow. It’s liberating, because we’ve been able to take risks and evolve each time we go into the studio.’


  1. Good At Losing Everything
    2. Delirare
    3. Love At Your Convenience
    4. Two Hundred And Twenty Six Days
    5. Diving Bell
    6. Travel On
    7. Loneliness
    8. When Can I See You Again
    9. 28:27
    10. Dirigo
    11. One Of These Days
    12. We Were Born Wild