The ’50s were a great period. A period in the name of hope, a time to rebuild, with a great desire to leave behind the difficult times of the World War which had just ended. A wave of optimism, of good feelings that changed the face of literature, film and the music of that era. Now, imagine the magic of the music of that period with the clean modern digital sound. This is “Rockability”, debut album by Shelley Minson, Australian artist who meanders with extreme ease from rockabilly to country, strictly “fifties” style. Wife of Lawrie Minson, Austalian country music icon and producer of this Cd, Shelley manages to convey to the listener all her passion for music, fashion, colours and the spirit that characterized that amazing and unique period. Published, to mark the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the “Viva Las Vegas Festival”, ( the largest worldwide festival, dedicated to rockabilly held every year in Las Vegas), “Rockability” offers 12 songs, masterfully interpreted by the brilliant voice of Shelley, ( “her voice is pure and strong and her music is rockabilly and honky tonk with a dash of Australian ‘Big Sky’ country”) and played along with some of the best Australian session musicians. Furthermore, Shelley lives in Tamworth, capital of Australian country music, and this Cd has a strong country music influence, and for this reason, we at Planetcountry feel that this is an added value that enriches this “Rockability”. Certainly a 50’s sounding album, but at the same time, modern, also because, during this period, there are many events dedicated to the fashion and music of the fifties. P.S. “Sugar Daddy”, “Pin Me Up”, “Rockabilly Man” and “Train Kept A Rollin’ ” are my favourite songs. ( Gianluca Sitta ).