The United Kingdom has more often than not been at the forefront in the musical world. From pop, to rock, to metal and more, and now we can firmly say that Britain has talent in country music also! Case in point, the debut EP, “Intertwine” from Sabine. Throughout its perfect poker of brilliantly woven songs, Sabine takes us on an emotional journey from the broken shards of a failed romance in “Love Is Not Enough” to finding inner strength to carry on and dive once again into the enticing yet risky waters of love’s great ocean in  “Under”. A musical novella in which the protagonist undergoes an arduous emotional quest which in the style of all good stories has a happy ending. Thanks to the great production value of Puzzlemaker Studios, spearheaded by another of Britain’s finest, Danny McMahon, Sabine’s talent shines clearly like the caress of the sun on a cool spring morning. We could certainly picture Sabine at her piano in one of those classic smoky bar-rooms, whose patrons have come to forget life’s troubles in search of a sympathetic ear and some tranquil music provided by the lady herself. All in all an excellent start for our English girl and we are sure that the best is still yet to come. Rule Britannia! (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)