New York State-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Ruthie Collins has shared another track from her new album Cold Comfort (out April 3rd on Curb Records) – ‘Bad Woman’, available to stream and download now (Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon / Youtube).

Describing the song, she said: “Sometimes you wish you could just go ahead and do the wrong thing. A while back I started falling for a guy who was very much taken. I’d never cross those lines, but I remember stepping back and looking at the situation and thinking, ‘Man, I wish just for a second I could not have a conscience and see what would happen.’ When the chorus kicks in, though, I remind myself that I’m not a bad woman, that I’m a good girl and I’ll be just fine without him. We shot a music video for the song in Joshua Tree, which was really fun for me because I got to sort of embrace my alter ego and climb up onto the bar in black leather shorts and take shots of whiskey.”