Country music has a great new star. Ross Cooper, professional bareback riding rodeo cowboy, a champion (just like Chris LeDoux), releases this “I Rode The Wild Horses”, a fresh album, poetic and rough at the same time, but above all, very, very enthralling. “I wanted to give the album a consistent voice.” says Cooper. “It has the theme of a road weary cowboy. Where my life away from home taught me to celebrate the simple things”. Ross is a real cowboy. His songs speak of concrete things, hardship and sacrifices and talk about a wonderful lifestyle, nonetheless comfortable and relaxing. Ross is also an eclectic artist. His music, like that of all the great artists, often goes beyond the various genres. Certainly, it’s country, sometimes it’s even rock, and great songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Guy Clark and John Prine (to name a few) have contributed in a fundamental way to the artistic background of this musician, but ultimately Ross Cooper resembles mainly … ..Ross Cooper. Take for example the title track “I Rode The Wild Horses”. With such a title you could reasonably expect a high-tempoed track, that somehow brings to mind the kicking sounds of a horse along with the flow of adrenaline that is released in the arena. Instead, our cowboy chooses to go down another road, and surprises everybody with an intense and expressive song, where words play a key role, much more than rhythm and melody. This ability to be able to surprise and fascinate the listener is the most outstanding characteristic of the Cd. A Cd (produced and recorded in Nashville), which is sure to become one of the freshest, most original and convincing albums of recent times. To find out more (Gianluca Sitta).