Picture the scene, a blizzard is howling outside and you are in a little log cabin in front of a roaring fire with a warm drink in your hand, this is exactly the feeling that the subject of this review brings to mind.  Robert Eskridge And Southern Daze are back and compared to their previous record which was very more of a rough and rowdy offering, Heroes At Home shows a very different side to this band and we love it! With the previous scene in mind, a large part of this album is dedicated to slow and more cadenced songs which both relax and caress the ears just like the whiskey from which their home state of Kentucky can soothe and ease the aches and pains of the day. From the beautiful opener “Cowboys Way” to the title track and beyond, this album feels like it has been left in a barrel to mature until it was just right for consumption. The love and painstaking care with which the songs are performed and produced is palpable and literally will whisk the listener away to simpler and homier times. And there is more! Fret not those seeking something a little more up-tempo! Robert and his gang also offer the party anthem “Glasses Up” and the rather saucy “My Girl Kicks It Country” which will definitely feed the soul of any fan of that more tongue in cheek side of the country music genre. This album has everything you are looking for and could not have come out at a better time, a perfect escape for those seeking warmth from winter’s bitter bite. We cannot wait to see what is next for this great act which continues to surprise and delight with their creativity and mood setting abilities. ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)