Two years after his highly successful album “Mending Fences”, Richard Lynch returns to the studio with a spanking new album which carries on the road the man from Ohio has treaded since his debut on the country music scene. From its title to the songs herein contained, Richard brings us an unapologetically country offering filled with instant classics. Opening with the true blue patriotic anthem “We’re American Proud”, our ears are subjected to what made this genre we so love, great. Shining duets with Ronnie McDowell, Leona Williams and Donna Lynch give this album flair, flavour and body, all three guests blend perfectly with Richard’s already rich vocal style and are a true aural treat. It is a classic case of all killer no filler when it comes to this gentleman, a truly Herculean feat seeing the heights Richard had achieved with his previous outing. In short, classic country aficionados, all we can say is rush to your local online store today and bring home “Think I’ll Carry It On”, true country goodness (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)