Many are the things one associates with Christmas, the warm inviting scent of homely food, the joys and trials of basking in the company of family members and of course 22 men wearing helmets bashing into each other while chasing a prolate spheroid. Have I forgotten something? Oh yes, there is the obligatory holiday themed music! This year, Randy Moore has you covered in that regard with a mixture of classics and original tunes which will take the festivities to a whole new level. Like mulled wine , our Texan hero’s vocals permeate every tune which will instantly add a feeling of warmth and comfort during those cold winter nights. From songs of hope like “All I Want For Christmas Is Peace” to more spiritual and meditative pieces like “Born In A Barn”, Randy very much runs the gamut of emotions that one tends to associate with this very special and unique holiday. Mr Moore does not neglect to also tribute the classics such as “Silver Bells”, a splendid rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” and a truly stand out version of “Silent Night”, where he tries his hand at German and does so flawlessly. In short, if you are looking for something which winks at nostalgia while also staying current, make this album the one you spin while enjoying good food, family time and football, Randy truly reminds us this year what Christmas should stand for and may we take this musical message on board with an open hand and a thankful heart. ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)