Lufkin, Texas, a city which has a story to tell on every street corner and through the incredibly colourful characters that populate this quaint and bustling town. No surprise Randy C. Moore has made it his home, has drawn great inspiration from it and has tributed his muse by giving her name to his latest album. The end result is well worth the wait and through our hero’s enlightened and clever songwriting mixed with a Kubrick like desire of it’s not perfect until its perfect we are given something very special. From introspective numbers like “Big In Texas” where Randy goes full-blown Morrissey in how one cannot go back to the old house and expect everything to be the same, to heartfelt moments like “Daddy, I Wanna Go Fishin”, once again renewing the fond memories and attachment Randy had to his father. One of the absolute highlights is when our terrific Texan with great panache and chutzpah gives his own interpretation of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” in “Devil For Hire”. We decided to highlight this song as it is so against the grain and actually paints fallen angel Lucifer in a more sympathetic and partner-like relationship with God which is incredibly insightful and tongue-in cheek at the same time. Throughout the course of this album, Randy goes from wise man Johnny Cash boom chicka boom style numbers to fireside crisp Don Williamsesque tales both perfectly balanced and executed with a production which cannot be beat. If you have enjoyed Randy before with such masterpieces as his previous opus “Highway 59” or whether this is your first Moore, you will absolutely be spellbound by this brand new offering and will probably feel compelled to grab the first train out to Lufkin, Texas. ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)