On the heels of his highly acclaimed latest release “Lufkin” and his recent induction into the Euro Academy Of Country Music, the ever prolific Randy C Moore is back with the second chapter of his Texas saga. Just like a cinematic crescendo, where Lufkin was a lighter and more upbeat, “Luckenbach” lets us into the rougher and more rugged side of our country music hero. From deep and more reflective songs like “Jericho” and “Undertaker” to welcoming the ghosts of the past of such lauded idols of both stage and song in “James Dean Dream” and “Before Elvis”; Randy shows off what an eclectic singer/songwriter he is and how sorely needed artists of his ilk are in today’s country music scene. A special mention must be made for the two beautiful ballads which grace this album, “A Mother’s Prayer” and “I’ll Save A Place” tug at the heart strings with the sublime mixture of piano and guitar with Randy’s deep voice poured over it like matured whiskey over ice cubes. As the last notes of “Jericho” see us out on this nine track musical journey we hold our breath and are left wanting more as we await the next chapter in this splendid latest saga of Randy’s , our hero is alive and well and ready to bring us dazzling new musical adventures! ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)