Planetcountry’s exclusive interview with Curtis Grimes, one of the most important newcomers to the new country music scene from Texas:

P. Hi Curtis. First of all thanks for the interview. Your latest Cd, “Undeniably Country”, as well as being very good, it is also very “country”, starting from the tribute song to Hank, (Everything Hank Did). Tell us a bit about this album.
I wanted this album to reflect my personal taste in music and style as well as where I am in my life right now. I’ve always gravitated towards the traditional country sound with fiddle and steel guitar.

P. In “Undeniably Country”, there’s a song whose title has intrigued me, “Born To Die” . How did this song come to be?
“Born to Die” is a song I wrote three years ago and have always wanted to record it to share the message of Salvation with as many people as possible. The concept came during a writing session with a guy named Lance Carpenter, and since I had total creative control of this album I made it a point to be one of the tracks with full intention of using it as a single at some point.

P. You’re currently touring the States. Can we expect to see you in Europe sooner or later?
We are working on dates for 2018 and looking forward to making that happen!