Planetcountry meets Kyle Murphy, an emerging talent of the American country music scene. Raised in Moriarty, New Mexico, Kyle, former lead vocal of the “Black Hats ’N’ Pearl Snaps Band”, has just released a new single, as a soloist, entitled “Made In Japan” ( Buck Owens cover)

Q. How did this passion for country music come about and who are the artists who have most influenced your musical style?

Honestly my passion for country music came when I was young. George Strait was one of If not the first I listened to but I knew him as Dusty from Pure Country. Growing older and playing music I learned more and because of my mom, Buck Owens has always been a huge influence to me as well as Merle Haggard. They have influenced so many of my top bands. One being The Mavericks.

Q. The new country music has assimilated rather modern sounds, what do you think about this change in the understanding of country music. Is it a sort of betrayal of tradition for purely commercial purposes or is it a positive evolution of a musical genre that broadens its musical base reaching out to an ever wider audience?

I believe music will always evolve and become more. It takes on many forms because it’s an art. I enjoy a bunch of old school like music by Merle Haggard, Johnny Bush, Ray Price but I do like a modern country take on some of their music every now and then. Just like Made in Japan. I will say, in my opinion, beats don’t belong in country music. I believe in some ways most artists do go more towards what sells because it’s what makes money and pays the bills. I just don’t think if it’s hip hop it should be called country just because it has a banjo in it and talks about a truck.

Q. Let’s talk about “Made in Japan”, the new single. Do you want to tell us something about this song?

This song, Made in Japan, has been around me for a long time. It’s about an American guy who falls in love with a Japanese girl and even though the song starts happy it ends sad. They both know she’s involved with another guy and it makes them cry but they will always feel love for each other. It’s one of my mom’s favorite songs by Buck Owens and it was one of the first songs we learned as a band. Buck Owens and Don Rich did such an amazing job on this song and I’ve always wanted to cover it and make it my own.

Q.  What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are just keep writing and putting out music until I can’t . It’s one thing I truly love and feel like as long as I’m playing and people like my music I’ve “made it!”

Thanks Kyle Murphy and, when possible, we look forward to seeing you here in Italy for some live shows.

Thank you so much for talking with me. If I can get a place to play out there you can bet I’ll be there!

(Gianluca Sitta)