pmalonecdFrancesca Cirignano is clearly of Italian origin. Many years ago in fact, her family left Irpinia to emigrate to the United States, where Francesca eventually married, taking the surname Malone. This is how Peggy Malone came to be, one of the most beautiful voices of the American cowboy music scene. The album which I am going to review is entitled “Peggy Malone, Singin’ A Cowboy Song” which has earned Peggy the “2015 Legend Of Legends Female Vocalist” of Colorado. The Cd is pure western music, including many famous traditional cowboy songs such as, “Little Joe The Wrangler”, “Old Chisholm Trail” or “Strawberry Roan” to less known songs, but just as charming. I’m referring to the opening song “The Cowboy’s Waltz”, “Adios Colorado” and especially “Armadillo”, written by Peggy in collaboration with Kaye Johnson. 11 tracks, beautifully sung, that unveil an unconditional love for a world, and a way of life, loyal to nature, to tradition and to simple, but sincere things. As I was saying, her voice is one of the most beautiful of the western American music scene, and the way she approaches her songs show great technique, great experience, but also great joy in being able to portray the raw beauty of Colorado or the daily life of a cowboy. Undoubtedly Peggy loves her job, and this passion creates a kind of magic, that engulfs the listener. For information / copies; Peggy Malone Entertainer, PO Box 482, Fruita CO 81521, or contact her on Facebook. (Gianluca Sitta)