After 4 years of silence (the last album was Oklahoma Wind), Paul Bogart, young singer / songwriter originally from Oklahoma, returns . Of all the rising stars of the American country music scene, Paul is certainly one who possesses one of the most beautiful voices, warm and intense, and “Leather” just confirms that this guy has grown, from an artistic point of view. True country music that meanders through a universe of saddles, old pick up Fords, emotions and positive values. Paul is genuine (this is very reminiscent of George Strait) and pure, and his music comes from a sincere passion in accordance with the lifestyle he leads. Small, large everyday joys of life, seen through the artistic sensibility of a true country singer is the main theme of this “Leather”. Of course, the world is not a peaceful and safe place, but happiness is to be found in everyday life. The Cd has 10 songs, that we can define as perfect, if for you, as well as myself, musical perfection lies in the verses of rugged country songs, the melodies that capture you and the arrangements, which are flawless. No need to highlight a few songs in particular, they are all of a great musical level, just listen to “Leather” and decide for yourself which one is your favourite. “When The Cowboys Are Gone”, “George Jonesin’ (I love George Jones)” and “Better With My Baby” will certainly catch your attention. Paul Bogart is country, Paul Bogart is fantastic. More info / copies at (Gianluca Sitta)