Platinum-selling band Parmalee today releases their next single Girl In Mine,” the follow up to their back-to-back No. 1 hits. After their No. 1 hit “Carolina,” Parmalee has seen a resurgence that is “one of the most under-reported success stories of the last year” (Morning Hangover— first with their multinational No. 1 smash “Just the Way” with Blanco Brown — which was the most played song on iHeart Country in 2021 – then their recent multi-week smash hit Take My Name.” Now that they’ve just hit more than 1 billion on-demand streams (and counting) in their tenure as a band, Parmalee continues their new recipe for success with “Girl In Mine,” impacting U.S. Country radio on August 22.


The song was written by Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorley (who has garnered more than 60 No.1 songs at Country radio), David Fanning (who also produced the track), Travis Wood and Casey Brown. Like “Take My Name,” “Girl In Mine” had fans hooked on the song after teasing it on TikTok. With more than 1.8 million TikTok views of frontman Matt singing the chorus, TikTok creators have mimicked the video and put their own spin on it.


“With ‘Just The Way’ and ‘Take My Name,’ we really found something that connected with our fans,” says Matt Thomas of Parmalee. “We look forward to continuing that with our new single ‘Girl In Mine.’”