It has been a long time coming, but at last Paradise Motel fans may rejoice, “Black Dove” is here! Our heroes mark their return with an incredibly strong album jampacked with memorable tunes! Right off the bat, these seasoned country rockers show off both their songwriting expertise and honed musicianship skills throughout the 11 tracks featured on this latest offering. “Black Dove” openly flirts with influences from such bands as CCR, Alabama but always with their own personal twist and style, a perfect mixture, of Southern Rock and Honky Tonk which will fit in perfectly with a cool beverage and a select group of friends. This entire album screams “We are here to party and won’t leave till the roof has been blown off the joint!” An ideal album to listen to for those who need to chase their blues away and miss the feel of hardwood floors under their feet and ballroom tussles. So grab your hat, slide into your favourite boots and get ready to party on down with Paradise Motel, the band which our beloved genre sorely missed and is all the better for their return. (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)