Following her critically acclaimed appearance on TVOH, Senja Sargeant was introduced to lauded LA-based singer-songwriter and producer, Shane Alexander who also has an extensive history of performing and touring in Holland. The two hit it off creatively and bonded over everything from David Bowie and Roy Orbison to Lucinda Williams and Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde. Writing remotely on Zoom, the duo set out to make a timeless EP full of undeniable hooks and the kind of energy to connect with large crowds. Shane Alexander writes, “Our whole working relationship has been remote, which is absolutely nuts. Before Covid, I would have never thought it was possible. On our very first Zoom, I realized Senja was a monster talent and I wanted to help her write and record songs to complement her explosive voice and brutally-honest lyrics.”

The music for the EP was recorded live at Alexander’s Buddhaland Studios in Southern California and features a dream team of A-list players including drummer Fernando Sanchez (Pete Yorn, Chris Cornell, LP), pedal steel ace Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp, Lady Gaga, Lukas Nelson), bassist Vic Ruiz (Last American Buffalo, Conway), keyboardist Carl Byron (Hot Club LA, Jackson Browne) and string arranger/performer Stevie Blacke (Beck, Pink, Rhianna). Senja’s vocals were recorded in Amsterdam with Alexander producing remotely. Mixed by Grammy-winner Brian Yaskulka, and mastered by Grammy-winner Hans DeKline.