Surprising. Let’s start this review with this word: Surprising. “Steak Night At The Prairie Rose” from these Texans, ( Austin, Tx ), Mike And The Moonpies, can safely be defined as surprising, thanks to such a darned incredible country sound. Just listen to “Wedding Band” and tell me it doesn’t sound like a song by King George Strait of the 80’s. Mike Harmier’s voice takes us back to the golden age of the new country music, accompanied by a really magical sounding steel guitar. The band has chosen as a single “The Worst Thing”, a song with such a strong Western sound, that it literally leaves you gobsmacked; steel guitar (Zachary Moulton), harmonica ( Mickey Raphael, often alongside Willie Nelson) and border guitar. The producer Adam Odor has really done a great job. The title track “Steak Night at the Prairie Rose” brings back memories, especially for those who grew up listening to a certain type of country music. The new traditionalists of the 90’s have, fortunately, still some followers among the new emerging bands. Another incredible song is, in my opinion, “Beaches Of Biloxi”. It almost certainly has nothing to do with it, but listening to this song, immediately brought back to mind Chris LeDoux, born in Biloxi on October 2nd, 1948. An album you should listen to carefully, note after note, song after song. All the magic of country music in one Cd …. Mike and The Moonpies’s, “Steak Night at the Prairie Rose”. (Gianluca Sitta)