Hailing from beautiful, mysterious and suggestive Scotland comes one of country’s most prolific and hardworking singer/songwriters, Michael McMillan and his latest offering, “Cross Country”. Containing 14 tracks of true to life stories, Michael takes the listener by the hand on an emotional journey with his reassuring and storyteller quality vocals which feel as soft as the morning breeze on the moors and paints pictures as clear and verdant as his native land with his lyrics. From the dulcet tones of  “My Best Friend” to the loving fatherly words in “You’re My Son”, it is clear that our Scottish friend has poured a part of his own soul into his work, a soothing compendium to those late cold winter nights with a fire crackling in the background reflecting on human experiences, past and future loves and what truly matters in this brief yet meaningful flicker we call life and this is exactly what “Cross Country” does. In a music market so flooded with 3 minute bites of banality, Michael breathes new life into it, restoring that dignity and spirit the country genre is ever in need of. Bravo! (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)