mattwilliams4Who is Matt Williams? Matt Williams is a young singer / songwriter, a fresh newcomer to the international country music scene, who seems to have all the qualities needed to be noticed. Born and raised in Alabama, he joined the U.S. army at a very young age completing several missions in Iraq and then in Afghanistan, where, during an attack, he is seriously injured. After leaving the army in 2012, Matt tries to return to everyday life, leaving behind the atrocities of the war. It’s not easy of course, but music seems to be the right medicine, healing both body and soul. Following the usual debut gigs, playing in many clubs across the U.S, his breakthrough arrives in October 2015 with the launch of his first Cd, “You’ll Make Her Cry”, which is also the name of the lead track, casting him among one of the best newcomers of last year. 12 tracks, closer to the Red Dirt Texan style than to the Nashville sound, which capture the attention of listeners, thanks to the melodies, a convincing voice, but mostly to the power of his words. In addition to the aforementioned title track “You’l Make Her Cry” (“and you’ll make her cry and she’ll cry because she loves you and there’s nowhere in the world she’d rather be) it is worth mentioning the opening track “How Many” (great keyboard in the background”), “Boots and Ball Cap Kinda Life”, “Long Hard Road”, the romantic “Blue Moon Girl” and the closing track “Heaven and Hell”. Available through normal American distribution channels or downloadable from iTunes, “You’ll Make Her Cry” is certainly an excellent debut album on which to build a great career. “American Made, Southern Raised” (Gianluca Sitta)