Testo In Italiano

First solo album for Matt Hillyer, singer and frontman of the group Eleven Hundred Springs (original lineup Matt Hillyer, lead vocalist, guitar, primary songwriter, Richie Vasquez, drums and harmony vocal, Steve Berg, upright bass,harmony vocals, and Jason Garner on fiddle) the Texan band which was formed at the end of the ’90’s, over the embers of Lone Star Trio. The CD, called “If These Old Bones Could Talk”, contains 11 tracks ( 10 original and 1 cover ) of pure honky tonk Texan music from the opening track, “A Little Less Whiskey”. “Home Is Where The Heartbreak Is” is great, whilst “The Run Up Tree” pays tribute to the music of The Eagles, and to the West Coast movement in general. The title track “ If These Old bones Could Talk” and “Not To Take It So Hard”, with rather explicit lyrics, are also a must to be heard. In a time where the country music charts are dominated by boy bands and their questionable songs, listening to Matt Hillyer’s music makes your day. Expecially If you love fiddle, Bob Wills, BBQ and the Dallas Cowboys.

Eleven Hundred Springs We’re From Texas