On the heels of his very strong previous release, “Midnight Sky” , Marty rivers soars and reaches even higher musical heights with this latest offering. Interestingly rather than start with an up-tempo , the album opens with the oniric and wanderlusting title track which shows an even greater maturity in Marty’s songwriting skills and that strong desire to pursue that Icarusian dream of flight is almost tangible in its three and a half minute beauty. Our Maltese hero does tread familiar musical territory with songs such as the album’s first international single “Why Don’t You” and honky tonk numbers like “Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool” , which just scream “Get up and dance!”. Aside from a few more quiet slow numbers, “Maltese Falcon” is a ball of pure musical energy which will have fans of the genre moving, shaking and swaying to its irresistible melodies and Marty’s suave baritone voice. One can only look forward to seeing this opus brought to life on stage, where the global audience will have no choice but to give in and rock to the rhythm. The Falcon is back and he is most certainly flying higher than ever!( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)