markTell us about your beginnings. How did you approach the music and how was your passion for it born?
My passion for the music began at home. My Mom was an Arizona cowgirl and Country music was a part of my life growing up. As I grew older, and learned more about songwriting, I really began to appreciate the simple beauty and emotion of that music more and more. A desire was born to create my own brand of Country Music. To continue the sounds and traditions of those who came before me while doing my best to expand on the genre as best as I could.
In your lyrics you speak a lot about travels, love and pain. How much is there of autobiographical in them?
Just about everything I write about is from my life. My songs, and the emotions in them, are inspired by personal experience. You can’t write with honesty about what you haven’t lived.
The BSoJC have a unique musical style. How much the inspiration from the great classical country artists is important for you?
You always want to emulate your heroes, and I’m no exception. Driving in my Dad’s 1968 Firebird with Johnny Cash blasting on the 8 Track tape sealed my fate. Everything has been done before, and usually done better. All you can do is your best to honor the memory of those who paved the way, by being as original and honest as you can. Their integrity is the gift that inspires you as a songwriter to have the courage to share your own joys and pain
‘New Old Story’ proves once again that it is possible to make original and lively music, maintaining the rithmic and melodic traditions. Is it difficult to maintain this tension between past and present?
It’s never been a problem for me because I try not to judge myself when I’m creating. The Country Music template is stamped hard into me, and everything flows from there. I’m just looking for a good song that rings true. It can’t help but come out sounding Country.
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Let’s speak about you (if you like). How is your relationship with the public? Do you find it difficult to reconcile your public life of the concerts with your private life?
Sometimes coming home to my family after a long tour takes some adjustment. It can be hard to switch gears back to loving husband and father after being on the road with the guys as Bastard in Chief. It can cause friction at home and tension in your life. One of the many sacrifices a songwriter must be forced to make. Its not easy to maintain the balance and many are forced to choose one or the other. Choose your mate wisely!
Gary Overton (CEO of Sony Nashville) has recently affirmed that ‘If you’re not on country radio, you don’t exist’. Aaron Watson retorted: ‘My name is Aaron Watson. I’m not played on country radio. And I have the #1 record in country music this week. I do exist’. What do you think about this matter?
Foolish words from a foolish man who obviously could care less about music and is only concerned with money.
Who is the most interesting emerging artist or band on the southern scene in this moment?
Sturgill Simpson
When are you coming to Europe for a concert? And to Italy?
I will touring Western Europe in May/June of 2015. As yet, there are no dates booked in Italy. I’m very hopeful we can come do a show soon. (JLLB, Mary Migliorati-traduzione testi, Andrea Pea-grafiche)