In the past few months, many critics and representatives of the country music world at large have expressed nothing but incredible praise for Lorenzo Gabanizza and his very unique and versatile style of songwriting, going as far as labelling him one of the unsung heroes of the genre. What we can say is that this latest effort of his very much confirms the attention that the musical media and radio stations far and wide have bestowed on our Italian artist. Here we get a double whammy of incredibly soulful and beautiful ballads which show how much blood, sweat and tears go into everything that Lorenzo does. On the one hand we have “Words We Never Said” and despite its title, our hero is wonderfully explicit and eloquent in exposing how a pining lover would feel about their paramour with all the regret and sadness that can come with not having expressed themselves when the time was right which makes this song very relatable and a very strong tug to the heartstrings. Our second course is represented by “No Love At All”, very much a criticism on the current status quo of the world and a song that is incredibly timely and does represent a beacon of hope in these troubled times we are going through. An old Italian saying goes that one cannot be a prophet in one’s own land and this is very much the case with Lorenzo who is fast becoming a spokesman for great, heartfelt music on an international scale and we can only hope that his own countrymen acknowledge the treasure they have in his music as much as the world outside of Italy has embraced him and the talent that he is. Keep ‘em coming, Lorenzo! ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)