Music is an art form and its interpreters that tend to strike us the most within the miasma of performers are those that wear their emotions on their sleeves and are able to touch you with every single note and word they utter and that is very much the case when it comes to Lorenzo Gabanizza. The Italian singer feeds his voracious and starving fans with a three course Ep which is worthy of any Michelin star restaurant. The Ep opens up like a blossoming flower with the title track, a fitting and beautiful tribute to the victims and those who witnessed that world changing event which was 9/11 and Lorenzo does this with a beautiful arrangement of strings and banjo layered over his soft voice which rings of melancholy and empathy, making an event which happened 19 years ago ever more indelible and vivid as if it were yesterday. From the sadness and more reflective piece, our hero breaks it a much more fast paced honky tonk number with “It’s Been” which would wake up anybody’s inner redneck and just makes you want to rewatch old episodes of “Heehaw” or “Brother Where Art Thou?”. This musical meal comes to a fantastic finale with a splendid rendition of Donovan’s  “To Sing For You” and we are thrown back to those sweet lulling sounds of 60s folk rock which suit Lorenzo’s style to a tee. In short another great effort from one of Italy’s finest artists and we can certainly say that we leave the musical table, fully fed and incredibly satisfied. Our compliments to Chef Gabanizza! ( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)