Italy, a country mainly known for its amazing food, beautiful women, and a rich artistic and architectural history. One certainly does not put country music and the Bel Paese often in the same sentence, but this may change now that versatile singer/songwriter Lorenzo Gabanizza is on the scene with his wonderful offering, “Roses In The Sky”. Just like the man behind it, this 18 track album has a little something for everyone. From the melancholy dreamy ballads a la John Denver(“Isabel” and “Father”) to feel good  honky tonk, bluesy numbers like “Who Am I” and “Johnny One Time”. There is also a nice nod to Southern Rock with “Moving” whose incessant guitar and rhythm is just too catchy to be denied. In short Lorenzo is able to bring together the multiple facets and sides of the Roots macrogenre under his technicolor musical rainbow and make them his, all this paired with strinkingly smooth, energetic and emotional vocals. Watch out country music, there is a new sheriff in town and his boots are made in Italy! (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)