Testo In Italiano

This DVD celebrates a myth, who, as far away as Australia, make millions of people who love country music, go crazy. In the 135 minutes running time, (PAL ALL Regions and therefore visible on our regular DVD players) we can see all the best videos, the best live performances, backstage footage, interviews and much more about Lee Kernaghan, the boy from the bush, who, record after record, success after success conveys the country music of his homeland, even outside national borders. Watching this DVD in fact, you have the distinct feeling that the wide international market (U.S. and Canadian) is now ready to be invaded by this guy, with clear ideas and really sturdy country music. The DVD, produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is divided into six sections: 1) On The Road With Lee, that is to say, a life spent between airports-cities-airports. 2) The Music Videos, where you can enjoy the 10 most shown videos of Lee Kernaghan by CMT Australia among which, Boys From The Bush, Southern Son, Cunnamulla Feller and The Way It Is deserve a special mention. 3) The Vault, the best of, (interviews, clips from programmes etc.etc.) broadcasted by Australian TV. 4) Songwriting. 5) A Night At The Great Western, where Lee takes us on a trip to discover one of the icons of the Australian “country” world: the Great Western Hotel in Rockhampton.
1457767_10151673143150059_710985948_nIt is a place in Queensland attended by the most famous Australian bullriders, who come to this town every year for the annual,and highly anticipated rodeo, and then finally, Live At The Muster, live performance at the Gympie Muster (a kind of Australian Farm Aid) in front of over 60,000 jam-packed fans. Available online, Access All Areas is not only a beautiful documentary about the great exponent of modern country music, but it is mainly an excellent opportunity to understand and appreciate the values and culture of a genuine Australia.( Gianluca Sitta)