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Seventh CD for Kevin Fowler, singer / songwriter from Amarillo Tx and one of the leading exponents of the Texas hardcore country music scene, full of humour. Let’s just say that the CD, starting from the title, is extremely country. A particular kind of country though, as only Texans can achieve,always hovering between traditional and rock, which pays tribute to George Strait as well as Motley Crue. There are 15 tracks including an intro, spoken, saying a lot about what will be the content of the album. As usual, Fowler’s songs are always very “alcoholic” starting with “If I Could Make A Livin ‘drinkin’”, moving onto “Beer Me” and “Whiskey and I”. 100% Texan, Fowler appears extremely credible in songs like “Guitars and Guns”, “Panhandle Poorboy” and the fun title track “How Country Are Ya?”,a true musical manifesto to a certain lifestyle. Beautiful even “The Girls I Go With” and “Borracho Grande” which reaffirms that, even from the geographical point of view, Mexico is not that far away. Finally, to emphasize the instrumental Moustudomus that seems a half-serious reminder of the typical instrumental CD’s of Brad Paisley. Kevin Fowler has always been a favourite of Planetcountry, therefore I award the Cd a rating of five stars. We’re sure you’ll agree with us, if not: “How Country Are Ya?”.(Gianluca Sitta)

How Country Are Ya? Official Video