Kevin Davis is a cowboy. He lives like a cowboy and sings like a cowboy. His songs are about rodeos, beautiful skies of Texas, but also about the hard work that goes into raising livestock. Even his voice, is that of a cowboy. A really great voice, captivating, especially when he sings about the sound of the prairie winds, and heart touching, engulfing you with personal emotions. The Cd is undoubtedly very interesting and fits into that category of modern singing cowboys, which sees Chris LeDoux as the role model. There are 11 songs on “This Cowboy Life”, ten of which are written by Davis himself. The opening track “Chasin’ The Rodeo” is the most acclaimed song. It is a great song, destined to become a classic of its kind, but my favourite one is the title track “This Cowboy Life”. A whole life, a whole lifestyle wrapped up in just 4 minutes and 13 seconds. A truly remarkable song, with moderately western styled arrangements. Rodeos, livestock, open spaces, but above all, the importance of everyday relatinship. Well, after all, this is a cowboy’s life(Gianluca Sitta)