The unfortunate times the world is going through has certainly allowed the creativity bug to be incredibly prolific within the arts and this has been seen especially within the music community and has allowed fans to discover new talents within the genres of their choice and this can certainly be said when it comes to the country music genre and Kelsey Bovey.

With this debut Ep of hers, Kelsey shows us that the British country music scene is alive and well and a constant source of surprise for its richness in talent. In this 4 tracks, Kelsey condenses her singing prowess and her songwriting skills with style and emotion. Kicking off with “Out Of Our Minds” we can tell that our leading lady certainly must have a soft spot for the likes of Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris and other fellow female contemporary artists of hers. The song pops and fizzles in all the right ways and could certainly work as a song for a sophisticated highschool romcom as is the case of  Kelsey breakout single “Magnetic”. The true gem however in this Ep is hands down the title track, where drawing from her own personal experiences, Miss Bovey takes on the very sensitive and sadly still very present subject of bullying. It takes a certain sensitivity to tackle a topic of this nature and Kelsey shows just that, not only condemning this heinous practice but offering also a message of hope and optimism to the listener.

In short, a very promising debut for a very promising artist, from the production to the songwriting to its execution, “Not Scared Anymore” has definitely grabbed our attention as we are sure it will many listeners to come. (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)