Pack your bags, you don’t need much for this great musical journey provided by America’s own Shania Twain, Kelly Lynn Madison.  Just like the Canadian crooner in her heyday, Kelly provides a highly versatile album going from upbeat fun loving tunes like “God And My Girlfriends” to spicy feisty numbers like “Fire With Love” to even heartfelt melancholy ballads such as the beautiful “Let It Go”. Whatever style she decides to employ, Kelly’s vocals are easy on the ears and striking to the core, with a familiarity and poignancy which make every song on “Open Road” incredibly memorable, just like going through snapshots of one’s recent holiday with friends, significant others or loved ones. A special mention should be made for the title track which is as carefree as it’s longing siren call is potent, that intrinsic desire we all have felt at some time to visit new and unexplored places and just leave the madness of mundane life behind. We certainly invite you to heed the lady in red’s call and dive headfirst into this amazing album, no passport or papers required, just your imagination and a love for great music. (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)