From a state that has given us one of music’s most influential metal bands, Slipknot, comes something very different but so country that it could put even the most hardcore Southerner to shame, hold on to your horses ya’ll, here comes Karisa Kay!
Her album “Somebody To Love” has everything that every country aficionado could want. The title says it all and throughout this album Karisa tackles love and all the guises this incredibly complex feeling takes. We have staple blue eyed ballads like “Three Truths And A Lie” , “This Is Me” and “Morning Sure Comes Early”, songs which are instantly relatable to all those who have tasted l’amour’s bitter dregs and know they can sting like the most noxious of draughts. Karisa’s love for the lady legends of country truly shines in numbers like “Don’t Fall In Love” , a cautionary tale which would make Loretta Lynn herself proud , or the instant classic “Too Much Blood In My Alcohol System” , where the Iowan sounds uncannily like Reba during the first bars of the song. Karisa wears many hats during the length and breadth of this album and she does so with style, panache and heart. Charming and funny, witty and insightful, an album for all ages and all hearts. (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni )