Preceded by the single “Lonely Town” (written on a Greyhound bus in the Nevada desert), “Mountains Of Gold” is Karen Craigie’s new album, singer-songwriter, originally from Sydney, with a beautiful voice and great compositional talent. “Each song on “Mountains Of Gold”, explains the Australian artist, “tells a unique story and draws on a range of influences spanning country, pop and rock music”, and in fact various musical genres can be heard throughout the entire Cd, even though, they all blend into a single sound that is fresh and pleasant to listen to. Produced by the Golden-guitar winning Matt Fell for Buttercup Records Australia, “Mountains Of Gold” is very pleasant to listen to, and Karen’s voice, with finesse and intelligence, carries the listener into a world where feelings are the most important aspect, and where the songs, (10), have the great task of expressing these feelings. From a musical point of view, the album is impeccably interpreted, Karen’s voice is really in great shape, and the musicians (Matt Fell keyboards and guitar, Glen Hannah guitar, Josh Schuberth drums and Luke Moller fiddle) do their job very well. As I said, a nice album that makes freshness its most principal feature. More info at (Gianluca Sitta)