Like any good book, the story has to grab you right from the start and that is exactly what Indiana natives Joe Hess & The Wandering Cowboys do with their first official EP “Chapter 1”. It all begins with “Real Love” a song soaked in melancholy which will set the pace for what is to come. Joe is a splendid narrator with his nasal twang reminiscent of Dwight Yoakam and Buck Owens while the Cowboys provide  that excellent musicianship which has garnered them success within their home state. Highlights in this 6 track offering are the single “If A Beer Could Make It Better” and “About Last Night” which brings to mind those old smoke filled honky tonks and alluring women of the night, in short a cowboy’s dream. These Hoziers are natural page turners and we can only wait with bated breath as to what is to come next. For now enjoy hook filled melodies, thought provoking lyrics and everything a country music fan could want. So grab a tasty beverage and delve with joy into “Chapter 1” , a story that is sure to become a country music bestseller.( Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)