As a result of complications due to COVID.19, Joe Diffie passed away at the age of 61 on March 29th. Originally from Tulsa, OK, Joseph Logan Diffie will go down in history as one of the most captivating voices in modern country music. His record debut dates back to 1990 with the album “A Thousand Winding Roads” which includes two songs “Home” and “If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)” which projected him to the top of the country charts of that time. Since then, Joe has succeeded in placing 36 singles in the special Billboard chart earning him the nickname of “Pickup Man”, thanks to the song of the same name, giving him worldwide fame. Entertainer of great artistic and human depth, Diffie has published over a dozen albums, among which, the aforementioned “A Thousand Winding Roads” as well as, “Regular Joe” (1992), “Honky Tonk Attitude” (1993), “Third Rock from the Sun” (1994), which contains the mega-hit “Pickup Man” and “A Night to Remember” (1999). A kind artist, loved by everyone for his friendly and cheery character. An important piece of country music of the ’90’s goes with him. A musician, who has contributed significantly to making that period so special and unrepeatable, especially for all those who love this musical genre. Goodbye Joe, thanks for the good songs you gave us. (Gianluca Sitta)