From the stage to the studio, after having delighted viewers with her incredible performances on American Idol and throughout the continental United States, the Katniss Everdeen of country enters the ring with her first official outing : “Halfhearted”! Alternating between vocals as soft as silk and as scathing as the sharpest knife, the Alabama native gives us that edgy modern country we were so in need of. Whether it be uplifting songs like “High” , toe tapping tunes like “When I’m Gone” or cautionary tales like “Brown Eyed Devil”, one thing is for sure, Jessica is having the time of her life behind the microphone and her emotional filled vocals make the listener believe every single word she says while being wrapped in pure musical magic thanks to a solid production. As she takes on one chart at a time we feel that Miss Meuse is an artist to watch now more than ever and “Halfhearted” will most certainly be one of the highlights of 2018. (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)