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Four albums to this day; “Love Trip”, in 1999 with Virgin Records, “Loaded & Empty” in 2007, “Telephone Tx” in 2012 and “Those Seven Years” in 2014 (all with Nic-Nic-Neer, label, of which he is the owner). Jerry Kilgore was born in Tillamook (OR) in November 1964. In the mid-90’s he moved to Music City where he earned himself a good popularity as a songwriter, writing three songs, which all deservingly entered the top ten of the Billboard. “Love Lesson” brought to success by Tracy Byrd in 1995, “Cover You In Kisses”, recorded by John Michel Montgomery for the album “Leave A Mark” in1998 and “Leavin’ Comin On”, recorded by Mark Willis. In 1999, Jerry takes a shot at performing and records, (first male singer to record for Virgin Nashville) “Love Trip” that enters the top 40 of the Billboard.
Personally, I find “Love Trip” to be one of the best Cd’s of that period, enriched by that new-traditionalist country music sound, typical of the nineties. Three tracks hit the charts: the title track “Love Trip”, “The Look” and “Cactus In A Coffee Can”, but my favourite ones remain “I Just Want My Baby Back”, “All I’ve Got To Say” and “Lonesome Love List”. In 2001, he goes back to songwriting and writes “If A Man Is not Thinking About His Woman” for Clay Walker. Just like many other singers of that period, even Jerry Kilgore leaves the world of the big majors, (which have now turned their attention to the new boy bands making country music) to pursue his own label ( Nic-Nic-Neer Records) which allows him to freely produce the music he wants to record. Finally in 2007, the new CD is released, “Loaded & Empty”, which, thanks to the single “What’s it Take To Get A Drink in Here” achieves a good success. From this album it is also worth remembering the great “American Car” and “Lookin’ For A Highway”. Another long pause, and then in 2012 “Telephone Tx” is released. 13 tracks, all country, starting from “Places To Go” which is chosen as the lead track.JERRY-KILGORE-TELEPHONE-TX-L884501700313Steel guitar, fiddle and a fresh crisp and clear voice makes “Telephone Tx” really interesting to listen to, which in my opinion, reaches the top with “Cinnamon Bay” and “If Ya Wanna Keep Your Beer Cold”. Finally we arrive to the present day and “Those Seven Years”, where Kilgore continues writing and playing good country music. All 11 tracks on the Cd are written and performed by him. An accomplished artist, in love with the music of Merle Haggard and Bick Owens, with an intense and electrifying live act, as recently seen (July 2014) at the Craponne festival in France. (Gianluca Sitta)