“Branch Of The Tree” is the 5th album, (the first self-produced), of Jared Rogerson, singer and bronc rider originally from Pinedale, Wyoming. Jared’s music inevitably fits into that genre between cowboy music and country/rock, full of charm that sees Chris LeDoux as the most prominent and successful exponent. Even Rogerson himself is a rodeo cowboy, who, through his songs (almost all original from this “Branch Of The Tree”) portrays his world, a world that moves in that rural America that is slowly disappearing, giving way to the “new” which advances. A story, articulate in it’s lyrics and incisive in it’s melodies, which is told through the10 tracks of this album. Songs that speak of today’s cowboys, of men and women of the West, who live a life certainly full of difficulties, but always full of charm. “Feel Alive” sings Rogerson, and there is probably no better way to feel this sensation, than to ride on the grasslands of Wyoming. Among the 10 songs of “Branch Of The Tree”, there is also room for a cover, the splendid “Texas In1880” written by Radney Foster and brought to success by Foster himself paired with Pat Green. Getting back to this “Branch Of The Tree”, we can safely call it an album full of beautiful songs and also food for thought, recommended for those who love music, landscapes and people of the American West. (Gianluca Sitta)